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Palm County Florida Probate Alan Rose Says: " The only person alive on this planet who knows anything about this case is Ted" WOW, that sure sounds dramatic and blatantly false.

And Alan Rose goes on to say, "He has got to be the representative of the estate to defend the case. He has got to be sitting at counsel table. If he is not at counsel table, he is going to be excluded under
 the exclusionary rule and he will be out in the hallway the whole trial."

What? Does Ted come to all the hearings? Is Ted at the counsel table? Well he was not there when I was at the court hearing and he does not seem to even show up anymore, so what a load of crap this is that Alan Rose continues to spew. Oh and he wants Judge Scher to grant his fees without allowing any Objections.  What a whiny self righteous ass, in my Opinion.

"    The only person alive on this
 2 planet who knows anything about this case is
 3 Ted. He has got to be the representative of
 4 the estate to defend the case. He has got to
5 be sitting at counsel table. If he is not at
 6 counsel table, he is going to be excluded under
 7 the exclusionary rule and he will be out in the
 8 hallway the whole trial. And whoever is
 9 defending the estate won't be able to do it.
This guy wants Ted out and me out because we
11 are the only people that know anything about
12 this case.

13 So why is that important? Well, it makes
14 it more expensive. It makes him have a better
chance of winning. That's what this is about.
16 And at the same time the Illinois case is
17 really critical here because unless the estate
18 wins the money in Illinois, there's nothing in
19 this estate to pay him.

THE COURT: I understand.

21 MR. ROSE:   Mr. O'Connell, I proffer, he
22 advised me today there's about $285,000 of
23 liquid assets in the estate. And we are going
24 to get some money from a settlement if you
 25 approve it.

Source and Full Transcript

A Settlement? What? Riddled with Fraud, Guardians and Gag Orders.  Assets STOLEN from the estate and wow now they claim this small amount left and well, the attorneys want it. 

Ted and Alan Rose are the only ones who know anything about "this" case??? WOW.  Do you mean this scheme, this fraud?

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Simon Bernstein Irrevocable Insurance Trust v. Heritage Union Life Insurance Company District Court Northern District of Illinois ~ Honorable John Robert Blakey, Eliot Bernstein, Florida Probate Courts Motion for Injunction; posted here by Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox

Simon Bernstein Irrevocable Insurance Trust Dtd 6/21/95 v. Heritage Union Life Insurance Company
United States District Court Northern District of Illinois ~ Honorable John Robert Blakey Case Number ~ 1:13-cv-03643. MOTION by Third Party Defendants Eliot Ivan Bernstein, Eliot Bernstein, ThirdParty Plaintiff Eliot Bernstein, Cross Claimant Eliot Bernstein, Plaintiffs Eliot Bernstein, Eliot Ivan Bernstein for preliminary injunction.




2. I make this Affidavit-Petition in good faith in support of an Emergency Motion for Injunctive
Relief against all parties this District Court presently has jurisdiction over and for at least
temporarily restraining the Florida Probate Court of Judge John Phillips by an appropriately
tailored Order under the Anti-Injunction Act and All Writs Act under 28 USC Sec. 2283 and 28
USC Sec. 1651(a) respectively until such time as this Court holds a Hearing and or Conference
where Orderly Production of Discovery, Preservation of evidence, documents, records is
obtained and where other issues such as the conflicts of interest and potential misconduct by the
parties before this Court can be determined, determination of “side agreements” impacting the
integrity of this Court’s litigation such as discussed in Winkler v Eli Lilly can be heard, and
such other matters as to this Court seems just and proper.

3. As this Court will see, with the newly discovered fraudulent company Lions Head Land Trust,
Inc., with at least Ted Bernstein and his counsel Alan Rose who appeared for Ted Bernstein at a
Deposition held for this Court just being discovered last week Feb. 18, 2016 as another vehicle
of fraud to hide and secret away the transfer of assets valued in the millions is present, along
with a series of orchestrated proceedings in the parallel litigation in the State Court including
but not limited to attorneys Alan Rose and Steven Lessne submitting motions at a 5 Minute
UMC motion calendar for attorneys fees in the hundreds of thousands without submitting any
Billing statements to support, and being a flurry of motions to “wrap up” the Probate cases
despite literally millions of dollars in assets never being accounted for there is a very real and
imminent danger that the critical evidence, documents, records and Discovery necessary in aid
of this Court’s own jurisdiction and integrity of this Court’s own proceedings will be
permanently lost thus requiring this Court to now act with an appropriately tailored injunctive
Order herein against parties already under this Court’s jurisdiction.

4.    I am specifically seeking to enjoin the parties under this Court’s jurisdiction, Ted Bernstein,
Brian O’Connell and the Estate of Simon Bernstein, Alan Rose as Ted Bernstein’s attorney who
represented him at a federal court Deposition herein and remains his Palm Beach attorney,
Pamela Simon, David Simon, Adam Simon, Jill Iantoni, Lisa Friedstein and Florida State
Probate Judge John Phillips of the North Branch of Palm Beach County temporarily pending
further Order of this Court and at least until proper evidence, documents and Discovery are both
preserved and produced, until this Court sorts out conflicts of interest as set out herein and
exercises its inherent powers to probe “side deals” compromising the integrity of this Court’s
Jurisdiction and that such injunction should specifically include but not be limited to enjoining
proceedings before Judge Phillips in Palm Beach County this Thursday, Feb. 25, 2016 at 3:15
PM Est and as this Court further deems proper.

5. I further assert in good faith that this Court should find sufficient cause for such extra-ordinary
exercise of the injunctive powers at least by the time it reaches that part of this complaint that
describes the new fraudulent company Ted Bernstein and Alan Rose are involved in secreting
and hiding from the public record secreting multi-million dollar asset listed at $3.4 million
allegedly sold for $1.1 Million by recent deed transfer to a false company titled Lions Head
Land Trust, Inc, although there are further sections which describe with specificity and by
“piece-meal” discovery the Millions in assets presently unaccounted for by these parties herein
further justifying injunctive relief to schedule Orderly and proper discovery proceedings.

6. Just one “piece-meal” disclosed item of documentary evidence shown later herein documents
approximately $2.8 Million in just one of Simon Bernstein’s accounts at the time of his passing
which to this day has never been accounted for which also does not include millions from
other accounts and the millions of worth of Shirley Bernstein where in 5 years there has never
been an accounting yet the core parties who brought this original action to your Court try to
portray my parents as virtual paupers where all their records and financials and critical
documents are “lost” which is a fraud itself.

7. As shown throughout this complaint, the Discovery Abuses in the parallel State proceedings
which justify exercise of this Court’s injunctive powers at this time are such that there has never
been any coherent, complete disclosure of “Original” Trusts, Wills and related instruments nor
any coherent presentation of the Estates and how these were managed despite sophisticated
lawyers working in these cases Billing hundreds of thousands of dollars a clip.

8. I submit that the naked human eye upon reviewing the piece-meal production of “copies” and
magically timed surfacing of alleged “duplicate Originals” of the operative Trusts and other
instruments herein can detect multiple signatures that appear “too identical’, “too evenly
placed” on the page and multiple “identical” “Initials” such as “SB” that appear to be too
perfectly aligned such that preservation of Original documents and all evidence becomes even
more important in a case where proven, admitted to, documented fraud and forgery of important
instruments in the Florida Court has already been established yet instead of the Court notifying
any investigative authorities I am retaliated against for seeking truth and integrity in these

9. Because the amount and level of fraud is so pervasive and complex that is alleged to take place
in and upon the Florida Court by Court Officers, Fiduciaries and Counsel and can not be stated
in a few sentences and takes painstaking time to address, the remaining sections provide of this
case while also supporting the motion for use of the Injunctive powers of this court also further
provides background facts to the depth of the assets at stake, the depth of the fraud and claims
and part of the basis upon which I will respectfully seek further Leave of this Court to amend
my counter-cross complaints filed herein September 22, 2013 and further leave to Add parties
but due to the continuing nearly daily distractions by the sharp, abuse of process practices in the
Probate Court my proposed Amendments to my Cross-counterclaims are presently only in draft
form and I respectfully seek leave of this Court to file and submit a proposed Amended
Counter-cross complaint which not only seeks to add claims such as claims under 42 USC Sec.
1983 but also parties as well.

10.   I ask this Court to note, however, that even in the process of submitting this Motion-Petition Complaint herein, I have experienced significant “downtime” at my website where the host
Service provider that always responded timely in the past now does not respond sometimes for
days and where the basic internet services into my home have been “down” at critical times
where deadlines are in play and thus even this submission has been significantly delayed.

11.   I further point out that Ted Bernstein who is the one that suggested at the hospital that our father
Simon Bernstein may have been poisoned and murdered also said he would be handling things
with the authorities and had friend attorneys to do so and was on calls with a lawyer both from
Greenberg Traurig and Robert Spallina and where Ted’s “storyline” of how and why he is “in
charge” as “Trustee” has changed from day one while the delay denial of operative documents
began day one in a case where my father’s body goes “missing” for a week allegedly out for
autopsy at one location and where Simon Bernstein’s home computer containing years of
valuable business records alone is found “wiped clean” on the night of his passing and where
the Coroner’s Report comes back on a 113 yr old male while certainly Simon Bernstein was not
that age at the time of passing. See, Email of Ted’s Calls Sept 14, 20121
12. As referenced later in this complaint herein, Greenberg Traurig has been publicly identified as
being in the middle of major lawsuits for involvement in the multi-Billion Stanford Ponzi
scheme where Stanford monies and accounts exceeding a Million dollars for my parents is just
one of many items Unaccounted for where Discovery abuse has further occurred.

13. I have attempted to organize this complex set of facts in the most logical and orderly manner
under these emergency circumstances where my family grows in increasing imminent danger as
described herein.

14. I have read the Local Rules and believe I have complied in good faith and provided advance
Notice of this Emergency Application to the involved parties Electronically by Email on Friday,
Feb. 19, 2016 as follows:

Service Case #13-cv-03643 - Notice per Local Rule of Application on Emergency
Motion / Injunction US District Court Hon. John Robert Blakey


Parties, Attorneys and To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to give you all as current parties and / or attorneys and representatives for
current parties in the Illinois federal court litigation and other parties to be added to the
federal court litigation as much advance reasonable notice as possible that I intend to
contact Judge Blakey’s Courtroom Deputy, Gloria Lewis, at (312) 818-6699, to make a
request to set a hearing on an emergency motion which will seek Injunctive relief
against all parties currently under jurisdiction of the District Court of Illinois with a
further request to enjoin at least temporarily all proceedings in the Court of Probate
Judge John Phillips and also add other parties to the action and other relief.
I will be requesting that this application be heard no later than this Tuesday, Feb. 23,
2016 Motion Calendar in Judge Blakey's Court and since my actual filings may not be
electronically uploaded until later today and over the weekend that such request be
deemed an Emergency and thus appropriate to hear as soon as practical.

1.  September 14, 2012 Emails Ted Tescher Spallina and Greenberg Traurig’s Jon Swergold

Please advise of your availability to hear this motion for this coming Tuesday, Feb. 23,

Eliot I. Bernstein
Iviewit Holdings, Inc. – DL
2753 N.W. 34th St.
Boca Raton, Florida 33434-3459
(561) 245.8588 (o)
(561) 886.7628 (c)
(561) 245-8644 (f)

15. I assert in good faith that hearing this Motion on an Emergency basis is proper due to a series of
extortive, abusive, orchestrated actions of continued abuse of process in the Florida Probate
Courts and by the Florida Probate Courts in conspiracy and or acting in concert with fiduciaries,
counsel and others that are interfering and threaten to further interfere with this Court’s
jurisdiction and the ability to orderly decide the claims before it as there is a real and serious
imminent threat and danger that critical evidence, documents, records, Discovery and real and
personal properties will be permanently lost imminently preventing this Court from properly
adjudicating claims before it while these parties are simultaneously hiding millions of dollars of
assets as shown later herein wholly Unaccounted for and retaliating against and threatening
myself with the Baker Act, Jail, Contempt and now a Guardianship on my children simply for
seeking my inheritance, seeking the truth, reporting crimes as discovered against the fiduciaries
and counsel primarily and now the Florida Courts are in high gear retaliating against the
exercise of my First Amendment rights to suppress my whistleblowing that has uncovered and
proven massive frauds against me committed on and by the Florida courts and its officers,
fiduciaries and others.

16. I respectfully remind this Court and Your Honor that it is my original fingerprint on the
February 2009 Petition to the White House, White House Counsel’s Office
. USAG, FBI and a other investigative agencies and further that I have been interviewed with federal agents including but not limited to now “missing” FBI Agent Stephen Luchessi originally out of West
Palm Beach FBI in Florida who went missing with the Iviewit case files causing my case to be
elevated to the former Inspector General of the Department of Justice Glenn A. Fine who
assigned a Miami field agent to my case, Harry I, Moatz the former Director of the Office of
Enrollment of the US Patent Office who had me file charges of Fraud on the US Patent Office
committed by my IP counsel that were members of the Federal Patent Bar that have led to a
multi year suspension of my Intellectual Properties while investigations continue) and other
federal agents like Ron Gardella out of the US Attorney’s Office in the SDNY ( now retired, I
believe ), others in the SDNY US Attorney’s offices and other investigative bodies as well.

17. The purpose for reminding Your Honor of these matters is to demonstrate that I have never been
charged by any of these federal authorities for making a false frivolous statement or received
adverse treatment yet in the Palm Beach County Probate proceedings I am being vilified and
retaliated against just for pursuing my rights and those of my children of our inheritance herein
and Technology rights while certain parties under this Court’s jurisdiction have attempted to
have CPS take my children on a false report that came back unfounded which was initiated on
the same day I notified this Court last May 2015 of threats against my life and this Court
referred me to 9/11 services, attempted through threat to Baker Act me for reporting/discussing
fraud and crime to a “Mediator” out of Judge Phillips Court, and now are seeking to jail me and
impose Guardianship against me this Thursday for topics like the Car bombing of my Mini-Van

2.  February 13, 2009 Letter to Honorable President Barrack Obama
in 2005 which was reported to the FBI and other authorities and other matters that have been
reported to federal authorities thus retaliating against me being a Whistleblower of the Fraud on
the Court and Fraud by the Court and its officers et al. and exercising First Amendment rights.

18. There have also been threats to take the home that my parents provided for my wife and
children under a specific agreement to relocate to Boca Raton, Fl from California to be close to
my parents and thus it is not unreasonable to suggest if I am falsey Baker acted or jailed the
likely next moves are to take the home while I am cast away leaving my wife and children alone
while I somehow have lost my “standing” at a 5 Minute UMC hearing in the State Court where
no Construction Hearing has ever occurred on any of the operative documents and has elevated
to even being blocked from filing responses to the motions in the Florida Probate Court,
meanwhile literally years of no Accountings and Abusive discovery and “lost” items from
sophisticated parties continues.

Emergency: Imminent Permanent Loss of Critical Evidence. Documents, Discovery
Necessary in Aid of this Court’s Jurisdiction:
Status in the District Court, New and Recent Discovery of Undisclosed Conflicts of
Interest, Feb. 18, 2016 Discovery of Fraudulent “Shell” Company to Hide Assets-Owner

19.    While the parties are awaiting determination from this Court on the Summary Judgement
motions filed by Plaintiffs, at least 2 scheduled Court Conferences with this Court have been rescheduled, yet still remaining before this Court even aside from the Summary Judgment
motions are Petitioner Eliot Bernstein’s Answer and Counterclaims filed September 22, 2013
asserting causes of action in Fraud, Fraud upon the Beneficiaries and Court, Abuse of Legal
Process, Civil Conspiracy and Breach of Fiduciary Duties amongst others.

20.   On Jan. 13, 2014 in Docket Entry 71, prior Judge St. Eve issued a Minute Entry Order which
provided in part as follows, “Discovery is hereby stayed until the proper Trustee is determined”
thus acknowledging that determination of a “proper Trustee” is an issue in the case, which remains disputed. The Trustee/Trust/Beneficiaries/Policy issues remains undetermined presently
and this Court’s jurisdiction is imminently threatened by the permanent loss of evidence,
documents and discovery by the parties orchestrating proceedings in Florida where this
evidence and the parties in possession of such evidence should be enjoined herein.

21.   This Court itself, Hon. John G. Blakey, presiding, issued a Minute Entry Order on May 22,
2015 under Docket Entry 185 that further provided in part as follows, “Bernstein's
representations to the contrary notwithstanding, at this time the Court is unable to say that
anyone has a clear right to the proceeds deposited by Heritage Union Life Insurance Company,
let alone what each interested party's share should be.“

22.   The same core parties and nucleus of operative facts are present in this US District Court
litigation as the Probate matters in Florida and I further seek leave to file for Declaratory relief
herein on the Trusts and Operating companies which are non-probate, and suggest judicial
economy in this complex case with parties from multiple jurisdictions will ultimately be served
by this Court taking jurisdiction over the Construction and validity of all the Trusts herein
which are non-probate anyway and for Construction and Validity of the operative Wills as will
be shown if I am granted leave to Amend my cross-counter complaint.

23. As will be shown, just on Discovery abuses alone where Discovery and the Denial of Discovery
has been used as a “weapon” by the Plaintiffs and other parties in the related proceedings in the
State Probate Court of Florida, there is a real and imminent danger that the Integrity of this
Court’s judgment and path to judgment will be fundamentally impaired by the permanent loss
of evidence and discovery materials justifying the exercise of the extra-ordinary relief under the
All Writs Act and Anti-Injunction Act.

Source and Full Motion / Filing

More on this Florida Probate Case, 

Posted by Investigative Blogger,
Crystal L. Cox

Florida Probate Court Fraud
Florida Probate Court Corruption
Corrupt Florida Probate Judges

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Libby Montana News - Exposing Corruption in Libby, Lincoln County Montana

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and proof of corruption.

Here are a Few of My Libby Montana News Blogs

Lonnie Davis Department of Justice Regarding Vehicle Tampering by Marrone Volvo/Autonation/Huizenga Holdings, Volvo Cars of North America and Volvo of Sweden. IViewit Technologies Eliot Bernstein

Vehicle and Vehicle Record tampering by Marrone Volvo Autonation Huizenga Holdings, Volvo Cars of North America and Volvo of Sweden

"Dear Lonnie Davis, Department of Justice, Office of the Inspector General and the Department of Justice Intake Office,

Attached herein, in a PDF file and contained in the letter below, is information about an alleged Vehicle and Vehicle Record tampering by Marrone Volvo/Autonation/Huizenga Holdings, Volvo Cars of North America and Volvo of Sweden, which may have been a further attempt to MURDER my family through another instance of alleged Vehicular Tampering while our car was being serviced. Please make this communiqué part of the Ongoing Department of Justice Investigation into the Iviewit/Eliot Bernstein investigation, which also includes an attempted murder via a vehicle CAR BOMBING in Fl., while the prior minivan was in for servicing.

 Of major concern is that it has only recently been learned that one of the main perpetrators in the Iviewit/Eliot Bernstein RICO & ANTITRUST Lawsuit and the Criminal Complaints filed with the DOJ and others, Mr. Wayne Huizenga, is intimately involved and owned the dealership, Marrone Volvo/Autonation/Huizenga Holdings, where this new Vehicle Tampering issue has occurred. Mr. Huizenga is a CENTRAL CONSPIRATOR in my RICO & ANTITRUST Lawsuit and that predicate act of Attempted Murder cited in my Amended Complaint in that matter.

Another point of concern, is that once Marrone Volvo and Volvo North America were found to be tampering with Vehicle records and falsifying claims of a Certified Vehicle Inspection by a Volvo Certified Engineer regarding the safety of the vehicle, the General Counsel for Mr. Huizenga’s organization, a one Jill Bilanchone, Esq., attempted to claim that she was not conflicted in responding to these matters for her employer, Marrone Volvo/Autonation/Huizenga Holdings, despite the fact that Wayne Huizenga owns/owned Marrone Volvo/Autonation/Huizenga Holdings and was the founder and listed in the Board of Director page. Bilanchone refused to sign a conflict of interest disclosure and acted on behalf of all the corporations knowing of her conflicts with Mr. Huizenga’s organizations, instead of retaining outside NON CONFLICTED legal counsel to respond to the matters.

After realizing my car was not only not getting serviced properly since almost day one by Marrone/Autonation/Huizenga Holdings but that Huizenga owned Marrone, I tendered several letters to both Marrone Volvo, Volvo North America and Volvo Sweden, which advised them of the criminal RICO & ANTITRUST Lawsuit in NY that Huizenga is a central defendant in and that Federal Judge Shira Scheindlin “legally related” my lawsuit to a New York Supreme Court Whistleblower lawsuit and that these alleged Vehicle tampering issues represented legal liabilities MarroneVolvo/Autonation/Huizenga Holdings, Volvo Cars of North America and Volvo Sweden. Instead of having Counsel reply to the myriad of Civil and Criminal allegations against the corporations and officers and employees of the corporations,

I received a call last week from Erika Kirsch, one of the main alleged perpetrators named in the documents and charged with falsifying Service Records and Vehicle Engineering Reports and despite admitting and acknowledging that she was aware of Criminal and Civil charges alleged against her in the matters and the conflict this posed in her contacting me regarding legal liabilities of the Corporations and their employees, she maintained that she was representing the legal matters for the corporations.

I am unclear if Erika, the Executive Management Specialist for Volvo Cars of North America, has legal standing to respond to these very legal matters relating to massive potential liabilities for the corporations and executives involved or if any of the corporations could not retain legal counsel due to conflicts and thus had Erika, a named party in the complaints, respond as no one else could be found to continue to perpetrate the crimes involved in covering up the matter. I have notified all of the parties of their liabilities and that they were being criminally complained of and would be added to all ongoing and future Civil and Criminal actions relating to these matters.

Finally, Marrone Volvo/Autonation/Huizenga Holdings, Volvo North America and Volvo Sweden have refused repeated requests to provide FULL VEHICLE RECORDS to me, which I believe is mandatory under law and this again imparts something afoul. To date, I have not received the signed Certified Engineering Report that supposedly was done and is mentioned in the attached Adobe PDF file either and the executives at Volvo, including legal counsel for both Volvo Cars of North America and Volvo Sweden, have refused to take my calls or respond, other than through Erika, to letters tendered to them and their counsel. I have more evidence, including conversations, messages and letters regarding these matters not contained herein and will be submitting that information for your review after analysis but please take this letter as a FORMAL Criminal Complaint for this matter to be added to all my DOJ and DOJ OIG investigations ongoing.

I will be contacting you shortly to further discuss these matters. Again, thank you for all of your time, effort and consideration of these life threatening matters regarding the Iviewit/Eliot Bernstein matters, I will be forwarding this letter to several other criminal investigators with ongoing investigations and will copy you on those. I have copied those involved from the corporations named in the complaints as further service to them of the criminal and civil notice of liabilities in criminal and civil complaints being filed against them for reporting to their auditors, insurance carriers, bondholders, shareholders and any other party they are obligated to notice of such or any party who may incur liabilities in these matters. Please feel free to call me if you have questions or need additional information.

Eliot Bernstein"

"Dear Stefan Jacoby, Elisabet Wenzlaff, Esq., Maria Hemberg, Esq. and Michael Thomas, Esq. ~ it has come to my attention that some or all of you may not have received this prior communication regarding Criminal and Civil actions and liabilities now involving Executives of Volvo Cars of North America, Volvo Car Corporation, Autonation and others noted in the attached correspondences [attached below] and the Adobe pdf file attached herein. Notice has been given to the investigatory agencies, including the Department of Justice, listed below and others regarding these most serious charges. Michael, I have left a message on your voice mail several weeks back for you to contact me, which has been ignored, however, I did get a call from Erica at Volvo North America, one of accused parties in the Criminal Complaints noted in the attached Adobe PDF file and was appalled that Volvo would allow a conflicted party and named individual in the Criminal Complaint to contact me directly. I did notify Erica that it seemed wholly out of place that one of the accused parties in the Criminal Complaints would be allowed by Volvo to contact the Customer complaining, in an effort to distance Volvo from further communications with me, especially when the matters are legal in nature and have massive liabilities attached, which truly should only be responded to by Non Conflicted legal counsel and may in fact cause more Civil and Criminal liabilities. Erica informed me that she was even responding on behalf of all parties named in the complaints in a legal capacity or on legal counsels behalf, which seems outrageous and perhaps illegal and unethical. Further, I have received from Volvo North America a package of pictures, which appear further efforts to paper the file, after “complete records” were supposedly tendered by Jill Bilanchone of AutoNation and where VOLVO has REFUSED TO RELEASE FULL VEHICLE HISTORY REPORTS despite repeated WRITTEN REQUESTS, again this may cause further liabilities to VOLVO et al.

I will be preparing a further Criminal Complaint and formal response regarding the newly tendered evidence in a few days but wanted to also note here that Erica has stated that nobody at VOLVO et al. will talk with me ever again, in any regard, other than through her, a non lawyer and conflicted party in the matters. Further, at this point, without the requested Signed Vehicle Safety and Engineering Report promised by Volvo, I cannot in good conscience even sell the car with the possible life threatening dangers associated with the Vehicle that Volvo is now fully apprised of. The Vehicle remains having all the problems noted in the attached PDF letter, which grow more dangerous each day. We attempted to service the Vehicle at a different dealership than Marrone/Autonation but due to the fact that the Vehicle has recently gone over 50,000 miles and supposedly out of warranty, they will not address the safety issues, such as the brakes, etc. They stated that since Marrone/Autonation had done the prior work, it was under warranty with them only and they could address the problems, leaving us with no service options and a wholly unsafe vehicle.

Your prompt attention to these matters would be greatly appreciated, if I do not hear back from you to resolve these matters in the next five days, you may take this correspondence as legal notice that all those named herein and in the attached PDF file will have new individual Criminal and Civil charges filed against you, in addition to those already filed as indicated below.

Thank you,

Eliot Bernstein"

Source, IViewit, Eliot Bernstein to Volvo
Below is Letter to Volvo

Huizenga Holdings, Inc., Jeanetter Rider, Stefan Jacoby, Elisabet, Wenslaff, Volvo Car Corporation Sweden.

Huizenga Holdings, Inc., Jeanetter Rider, Stefan Jacoby, Elisabet, Wenslaff,
Volvo Car Corporation Sweden.

Cover Ups, Scandals, Council Members, the Mayor and More to Follow. Blog Exposing Corruption

"Gold Bar Reporters uncover connection between
Snohomish County and Gold Bar

Mayor Beavers covering up computer
crimes wth Gold Bar monies

On Tuesday March 20, 2012, Gold Bar city council member Kenneth Ware told Mayor Beavers that he was almost out of money for attorneys for 2012 - about $1,000 away spending his budgeted monies for 2012.

Gold Bar residents should be asking themselves one question " what's so important in Hill and Beavers emails that its worth spending over $450,000.00 taxpayer monies on?"

In February 2012, the Washington State Auditor's Office issued findings issued against Beavers for depleting public funds without prior council approval. An email from MRSC from Mayor Beavers documents that Beavers premeditated filing Bankruptcy over a year ago.

Late last year, Mayor Beavers accidentally released email communication which documents that Beavers is hiding email communication between two high ranking Snohomish County officials, Aaron Reardon and Sno Co Director of Emergency Management John Pennington, as well as Gold Bar's former Mayor Crystal Hill. Topic of conversation "mug shots."

In one set of emails, former Mayor Crystal Hill was writing and emailing Sno Co DEM John Pennington's appellate briefs which Pennington later filed in WA Court of Appeals Div. I. Other emails documents that Hill would often write Pennington's Superior Court motions and then disseminate Pennington's motions via county and City of Gold Bar computer systems.

One inside source said " Beavers is protecting Crystal Hill from being charged with practicing law without a license at our expense." But our investigation confirms that the crimes are much deeper than just Hill's practicing law without a license.

In one email from Sno Co Deputy Ross to John Pennington, Deputy Ross confirms that Crystal Hill, while serving as Gold Bar's Mayor abused a child in her care. Ross sends Sno Co DEM John Pennington an email, which seemed more like a brother sending an email, asking Pennington for comment on why Hill abused his minor six-year old child ( GP). Pennington writes back that Crystal and GP got into a fight about what kind of clothing she was going to wear to school...

Unfortunately for GP, Crystal Hill left bruises on the child and Deputy Ross, who has been strangely involved in two of Hill's investigations, doesn't pursue it any further. Residents should also note that Deputy Ross investigated the Marjele affair. In both cases, the investigation and criminal charges were never pursued.

Other emails document that several Snohomish County Sheriff's Officers are involved in tampering with evidence and thwarting a public records request seeking information about former Mayor Crystal Hill's abusing a child as well as the Majerle affair in late 2008.

One source said "Hill and Majerle were tampering with the water samples; Majerle knew too much hence why Hill pushed to pay him off in executive session and moved rather quickly to get him another job in Bellevue."

The Gold Bar Reporters received evidence that Mayor Joe Beavers and Sno Co Sheriff's Officer Barbara Gidos were tampering with public records in effort to remove damaging email communication between Sno Co's DEM John Pennington, Crystal Hill and Sno Co Sheriff's Officers Martin and Ross from 2008 to 2009.

John Pennington had a little help from his friends ( and former Sno Co DEM and FEMA employees) at Global Security Systems.

The story is much bigger than anyone of us ever dreamed, and when the time is ripe we will publish more. More to follow."

Source of Post

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"So, what happened next, after an alleged secret meeting between then McHenry County Deputy, turned FBI Informant, Scott Milliman, and a couple Rockford based FBI agents turned sour?

According to Scott Milliman, at some point thereafter, a time frame I cannot quote with exactness, but at some point between this blowout in the Woodstock parking lot dated September 17, 2009, but before the 2010, McHenry County Sheriff's 'General Election,' Milliman claims he placed what would now be his second telephone call to the office of Chicago based, U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald.

Milliman had disclosed that he had initiated one previous meeting with Mr. Fitzgerald which lead to his becoming an FBI informant to begin with. This I believe if my memory serves me correctly was sometime around 2006?

The now former deputy claims he got Mr. Fitzgerald's secretary on the line and he asked her if she remembered him. Milliman claims the secretary stated affirmatively that indeed she had.

Milliman then told me he told this secretary that he, Milliman, needed a second sit down meeting with Mr. Fitzgerald. I was told that Mr. Fitzgerald's secretary told Scott Milliman that she would speak with the U.S. Attorney and she would get back in touch with him.

I recall Scott Milliman telling me that he was surprised at how quickly the U.S. Attorney's secretary called him back telling him, "I spoke with Mr. Fitzgerald and he does remember you, and that he would be happy to meet with you again."

I do not recall how many days or what exact time frame passed since the day of this phone conversation and the day that the then "Still Active Duty, McHenry County Deputy Sheriff/FBI Informant Scott Milliman" actually allegedly went back to the Chicago offices of the U.S. Attorney. "

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