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Cover Ups, Scandals, Council Members, the Mayor and More to Follow. Blog Exposing Corruption

"Gold Bar Reporters uncover connection between
Snohomish County and Gold Bar

Mayor Beavers covering up computer
crimes wth Gold Bar monies

On Tuesday March 20, 2012, Gold Bar city council member Kenneth Ware told Mayor Beavers that he was almost out of money for attorneys for 2012 - about $1,000 away spending his budgeted monies for 2012.

Gold Bar residents should be asking themselves one question " what's so important in Hill and Beavers emails that its worth spending over $450,000.00 taxpayer monies on?"

In February 2012, the Washington State Auditor's Office issued findings issued against Beavers for depleting public funds without prior council approval. An email from MRSC from Mayor Beavers documents that Beavers premeditated filing Bankruptcy over a year ago.

Late last year, Mayor Beavers accidentally released email communication which documents that Beavers is hiding email communication between two high ranking Snohomish County officials, Aaron Reardon and Sno Co Director of Emergency Management John Pennington, as well as Gold Bar's former Mayor Crystal Hill. Topic of conversation "mug shots."

In one set of emails, former Mayor Crystal Hill was writing and emailing Sno Co DEM John Pennington's appellate briefs which Pennington later filed in WA Court of Appeals Div. I. Other emails documents that Hill would often write Pennington's Superior Court motions and then disseminate Pennington's motions via county and City of Gold Bar computer systems.

One inside source said " Beavers is protecting Crystal Hill from being charged with practicing law without a license at our expense." But our investigation confirms that the crimes are much deeper than just Hill's practicing law without a license.

In one email from Sno Co Deputy Ross to John Pennington, Deputy Ross confirms that Crystal Hill, while serving as Gold Bar's Mayor abused a child in her care. Ross sends Sno Co DEM John Pennington an email, which seemed more like a brother sending an email, asking Pennington for comment on why Hill abused his minor six-year old child ( GP). Pennington writes back that Crystal and GP got into a fight about what kind of clothing she was going to wear to school...

Unfortunately for GP, Crystal Hill left bruises on the child and Deputy Ross, who has been strangely involved in two of Hill's investigations, doesn't pursue it any further. Residents should also note that Deputy Ross investigated the Marjele affair. In both cases, the investigation and criminal charges were never pursued.

Other emails document that several Snohomish County Sheriff's Officers are involved in tampering with evidence and thwarting a public records request seeking information about former Mayor Crystal Hill's abusing a child as well as the Majerle affair in late 2008.

One source said "Hill and Majerle were tampering with the water samples; Majerle knew too much hence why Hill pushed to pay him off in executive session and moved rather quickly to get him another job in Bellevue."

The Gold Bar Reporters received evidence that Mayor Joe Beavers and Sno Co Sheriff's Officer Barbara Gidos were tampering with public records in effort to remove damaging email communication between Sno Co's DEM John Pennington, Crystal Hill and Sno Co Sheriff's Officers Martin and Ross from 2008 to 2009.

John Pennington had a little help from his friends ( and former Sno Co DEM and FEMA employees) at Global Security Systems.

The story is much bigger than anyone of us ever dreamed, and when the time is ripe we will publish more. More to follow."

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