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Lonnie Davis Department of Justice Regarding Vehicle Tampering by Marrone Volvo/Autonation/Huizenga Holdings, Volvo Cars of North America and Volvo of Sweden. IViewit Technologies Eliot Bernstein

Vehicle and Vehicle Record tampering by Marrone Volvo Autonation Huizenga Holdings, Volvo Cars of North America and Volvo of Sweden

"Dear Lonnie Davis, Department of Justice, Office of the Inspector General and the Department of Justice Intake Office,

Attached herein, in a PDF file and contained in the letter below, is information about an alleged Vehicle and Vehicle Record tampering by Marrone Volvo/Autonation/Huizenga Holdings, Volvo Cars of North America and Volvo of Sweden, which may have been a further attempt to MURDER my family through another instance of alleged Vehicular Tampering while our car was being serviced. Please make this communiqué part of the Ongoing Department of Justice Investigation into the Iviewit/Eliot Bernstein investigation, which also includes an attempted murder via a vehicle CAR BOMBING in Fl., while the prior minivan was in for servicing.

 Of major concern is that it has only recently been learned that one of the main perpetrators in the Iviewit/Eliot Bernstein RICO & ANTITRUST Lawsuit and the Criminal Complaints filed with the DOJ and others, Mr. Wayne Huizenga, is intimately involved and owned the dealership, Marrone Volvo/Autonation/Huizenga Holdings, where this new Vehicle Tampering issue has occurred. Mr. Huizenga is a CENTRAL CONSPIRATOR in my RICO & ANTITRUST Lawsuit and that predicate act of Attempted Murder cited in my Amended Complaint in that matter.

Another point of concern, is that once Marrone Volvo and Volvo North America were found to be tampering with Vehicle records and falsifying claims of a Certified Vehicle Inspection by a Volvo Certified Engineer regarding the safety of the vehicle, the General Counsel for Mr. Huizenga’s organization, a one Jill Bilanchone, Esq., attempted to claim that she was not conflicted in responding to these matters for her employer, Marrone Volvo/Autonation/Huizenga Holdings, despite the fact that Wayne Huizenga owns/owned Marrone Volvo/Autonation/Huizenga Holdings and was the founder and listed in the Board of Director page. Bilanchone refused to sign a conflict of interest disclosure and acted on behalf of all the corporations knowing of her conflicts with Mr. Huizenga’s organizations, instead of retaining outside NON CONFLICTED legal counsel to respond to the matters.

After realizing my car was not only not getting serviced properly since almost day one by Marrone/Autonation/Huizenga Holdings but that Huizenga owned Marrone, I tendered several letters to both Marrone Volvo, Volvo North America and Volvo Sweden, which advised them of the criminal RICO & ANTITRUST Lawsuit in NY that Huizenga is a central defendant in and that Federal Judge Shira Scheindlin “legally related” my lawsuit to a New York Supreme Court Whistleblower lawsuit and that these alleged Vehicle tampering issues represented legal liabilities MarroneVolvo/Autonation/Huizenga Holdings, Volvo Cars of North America and Volvo Sweden. Instead of having Counsel reply to the myriad of Civil and Criminal allegations against the corporations and officers and employees of the corporations,

I received a call last week from Erika Kirsch, one of the main alleged perpetrators named in the documents and charged with falsifying Service Records and Vehicle Engineering Reports and despite admitting and acknowledging that she was aware of Criminal and Civil charges alleged against her in the matters and the conflict this posed in her contacting me regarding legal liabilities of the Corporations and their employees, she maintained that she was representing the legal matters for the corporations.

I am unclear if Erika, the Executive Management Specialist for Volvo Cars of North America, has legal standing to respond to these very legal matters relating to massive potential liabilities for the corporations and executives involved or if any of the corporations could not retain legal counsel due to conflicts and thus had Erika, a named party in the complaints, respond as no one else could be found to continue to perpetrate the crimes involved in covering up the matter. I have notified all of the parties of their liabilities and that they were being criminally complained of and would be added to all ongoing and future Civil and Criminal actions relating to these matters.

Finally, Marrone Volvo/Autonation/Huizenga Holdings, Volvo North America and Volvo Sweden have refused repeated requests to provide FULL VEHICLE RECORDS to me, which I believe is mandatory under law and this again imparts something afoul. To date, I have not received the signed Certified Engineering Report that supposedly was done and is mentioned in the attached Adobe PDF file either and the executives at Volvo, including legal counsel for both Volvo Cars of North America and Volvo Sweden, have refused to take my calls or respond, other than through Erika, to letters tendered to them and their counsel. I have more evidence, including conversations, messages and letters regarding these matters not contained herein and will be submitting that information for your review after analysis but please take this letter as a FORMAL Criminal Complaint for this matter to be added to all my DOJ and DOJ OIG investigations ongoing.

I will be contacting you shortly to further discuss these matters. Again, thank you for all of your time, effort and consideration of these life threatening matters regarding the Iviewit/Eliot Bernstein matters, I will be forwarding this letter to several other criminal investigators with ongoing investigations and will copy you on those. I have copied those involved from the corporations named in the complaints as further service to them of the criminal and civil notice of liabilities in criminal and civil complaints being filed against them for reporting to their auditors, insurance carriers, bondholders, shareholders and any other party they are obligated to notice of such or any party who may incur liabilities in these matters. Please feel free to call me if you have questions or need additional information.

Eliot Bernstein"

"Dear Stefan Jacoby, Elisabet Wenzlaff, Esq., Maria Hemberg, Esq. and Michael Thomas, Esq. ~ it has come to my attention that some or all of you may not have received this prior communication regarding Criminal and Civil actions and liabilities now involving Executives of Volvo Cars of North America, Volvo Car Corporation, Autonation and others noted in the attached correspondences [attached below] and the Adobe pdf file attached herein. Notice has been given to the investigatory agencies, including the Department of Justice, listed below and others regarding these most serious charges. Michael, I have left a message on your voice mail several weeks back for you to contact me, which has been ignored, however, I did get a call from Erica at Volvo North America, one of accused parties in the Criminal Complaints noted in the attached Adobe PDF file and was appalled that Volvo would allow a conflicted party and named individual in the Criminal Complaint to contact me directly. I did notify Erica that it seemed wholly out of place that one of the accused parties in the Criminal Complaints would be allowed by Volvo to contact the Customer complaining, in an effort to distance Volvo from further communications with me, especially when the matters are legal in nature and have massive liabilities attached, which truly should only be responded to by Non Conflicted legal counsel and may in fact cause more Civil and Criminal liabilities. Erica informed me that she was even responding on behalf of all parties named in the complaints in a legal capacity or on legal counsels behalf, which seems outrageous and perhaps illegal and unethical. Further, I have received from Volvo North America a package of pictures, which appear further efforts to paper the file, after “complete records” were supposedly tendered by Jill Bilanchone of AutoNation and where VOLVO has REFUSED TO RELEASE FULL VEHICLE HISTORY REPORTS despite repeated WRITTEN REQUESTS, again this may cause further liabilities to VOLVO et al.

I will be preparing a further Criminal Complaint and formal response regarding the newly tendered evidence in a few days but wanted to also note here that Erica has stated that nobody at VOLVO et al. will talk with me ever again, in any regard, other than through her, a non lawyer and conflicted party in the matters. Further, at this point, without the requested Signed Vehicle Safety and Engineering Report promised by Volvo, I cannot in good conscience even sell the car with the possible life threatening dangers associated with the Vehicle that Volvo is now fully apprised of. The Vehicle remains having all the problems noted in the attached PDF letter, which grow more dangerous each day. We attempted to service the Vehicle at a different dealership than Marrone/Autonation but due to the fact that the Vehicle has recently gone over 50,000 miles and supposedly out of warranty, they will not address the safety issues, such as the brakes, etc. They stated that since Marrone/Autonation had done the prior work, it was under warranty with them only and they could address the problems, leaving us with no service options and a wholly unsafe vehicle.

Your prompt attention to these matters would be greatly appreciated, if I do not hear back from you to resolve these matters in the next five days, you may take this correspondence as legal notice that all those named herein and in the attached PDF file will have new individual Criminal and Civil charges filed against you, in addition to those already filed as indicated below.

Thank you,

Eliot Bernstein"

Source, IViewit, Eliot Bernstein to Volvo
Below is Letter to Volvo

Huizenga Holdings, Inc., Jeanetter Rider, Stefan Jacoby, Elisabet, Wenslaff, Volvo Car Corporation Sweden.

Huizenga Holdings, Inc., Jeanetter Rider, Stefan Jacoby, Elisabet, Wenslaff,
Volvo Car Corporation Sweden.

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