Monday, March 26, 2012

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"So, what happened next, after an alleged secret meeting between then McHenry County Deputy, turned FBI Informant, Scott Milliman, and a couple Rockford based FBI agents turned sour?

According to Scott Milliman, at some point thereafter, a time frame I cannot quote with exactness, but at some point between this blowout in the Woodstock parking lot dated September 17, 2009, but before the 2010, McHenry County Sheriff's 'General Election,' Milliman claims he placed what would now be his second telephone call to the office of Chicago based, U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald.

Milliman had disclosed that he had initiated one previous meeting with Mr. Fitzgerald which lead to his becoming an FBI informant to begin with. This I believe if my memory serves me correctly was sometime around 2006?

The now former deputy claims he got Mr. Fitzgerald's secretary on the line and he asked her if she remembered him. Milliman claims the secretary stated affirmatively that indeed she had.

Milliman then told me he told this secretary that he, Milliman, needed a second sit down meeting with Mr. Fitzgerald. I was told that Mr. Fitzgerald's secretary told Scott Milliman that she would speak with the U.S. Attorney and she would get back in touch with him.

I recall Scott Milliman telling me that he was surprised at how quickly the U.S. Attorney's secretary called him back telling him, "I spoke with Mr. Fitzgerald and he does remember you, and that he would be happy to meet with you again."

I do not recall how many days or what exact time frame passed since the day of this phone conversation and the day that the then "Still Active Duty, McHenry County Deputy Sheriff/FBI Informant Scott Milliman" actually allegedly went back to the Chicago offices of the U.S. Attorney. "

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